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Daily Ding, LLC


Daily Ding™  was established to partners with schools and organizations to help them raise money to help fund their next project!    Learn more about how Daily Ding can help your school or organization.

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K12Safety.us™  was founded in partnership with former educators, principals and superintendents looking for better ways and better solutions to help K12 Schools across the US.  Talk with one of our safety consultants today.

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Inspire U


INSPIRE U™  is a transformative professional development (PD) solution that empowers today’s modern-day educator. Delivered as an asynchronous  elearning solution for business partners, that seamlessly integrates with any LTI-compliant LMS. 

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Mobil Trackr, LLC


Mobil Trackr™ offers an affordable, easy-to-use platform reliably and accurately tracks vehicle location, monitors vehicle condition, and scores

driver performance–all from your browser or mobile device.

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Corporate, Healthcare & DentalCare

DentalCare Solutions, LLC


DentalCare Solutions™  offers expertise in the dental industry, including training, consulting and billing and a robust and streamlined Learning Management System developed for the dental industry.   

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Corporate Peak


Corporate Peak™ can provide your company with a customized online training platform that is a user-friendly LMS with an administrative dashboard to show business owners and managers the completion and status of each employee.

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Tek Source


Tek Source™ can help you find and source the right product for your IT needs!  Visit our full catalog to find out if we can help. 

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