About Chromeboxes

Learn about Chromeboxes and their uses.

About Chromeboxes

A Chromebox is a small desktop computer that runs on Google's Chrome OS operating system. It's essentially the desktop version of a Chromebook, which is a laptop that also runs on Chrome OS. Chromeboxes are designed to be fast, secure, and easy to use, and they come with a suite of Google apps and services built-in, such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs. They can also run Android apps from the Google Play Store. Chromeboxes are often used in schools, businesses, and other organizations that need affordable, low-maintenance computers for basic tasks like web browsing, email, and document editing.

Chromebox Manufacturers

Chromeboxes are manufactured by various computer hardware companies, including

- Asus

- HP

- Dell

- Acer

- Lenovo

- Google

Google itself also produces a line of Chromebox devices under the "Chromebox for Meetings" brand, which are designed specifically for video conferencing and collaboration.

Chromeboxes are available in a range of configurations and price points, from basic models with entry-level hardware to high-end machines with powerful processors and ample storage. Overall, Chromeboxes offer a cost-effective and versatile computing solution for a wide range of users, especially those who value speed, simplicity, and cloud-based applications.

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